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Rachel Garland 

I recently saw on Facebook, that you do "ghost hunts At the old Central Georgia State Mental Hospital. This facility fascinated me many years ago when I had the privilege of visiting as a nursing student. The dates posted are 2/29 and 2/30 which I realize are not real dates. So I guess what I'm asking is if real tours are available, and if so could you please send me the information. I have other nurse friends who are also interested. Thank you, sincerely

Odessa Walker Email

Hi. I just learned of your group on a GATEWAY MACON link. I am and have always been interested in the Paranormal,and apparently it is also interested in me. I would like to know more about your group and its activities. Also, I know of a place you may be very interested in. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook or email. Thanks,and happy hunting!

ScottChamlee Email

 Just wanted to drop you a line saying. I'm a druid, still learning for a few years. I do believe in ghost, spirits and other beings. We even have some around our home. Wishing the best of luck to your group.

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antonio hersche RHVS Email

i went through your website . i saw photos of founders and investigators .
i congratulate you all for this work .

i am just an ordinary human who study 504 subjects humans either study or do not study . paranormal activity is one .

i live with harmony and with spirits .
my dear humans  i wish you best luck .

shannon 's  strong no one can bring harm to her .

take care

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jim kelly Email

hello,my name is jim kelly and i have a very  special gift,its known as
kinetic power and energy.i have been able to photograph people who
have passed on. what happened was i took a photograph of a vortex,
and ever since ive been able to photo spirits.in my photo of the vortex
i have captured individuals from back in the time of jesus to right up tothe present time.but also in the same photo there are demonic entities plus a creature that scientists today would call bigfoot. i was used as an extra in a documentary film on the now famous hinsdale haunted house in up state western new york.at the present time i have over 200 photos.  it doesnt matter wheather i use my digital
camera or video i can photo them with both.my question is how long
will i be able to do this? please check out my web site,theres so much
more to my story.my site is www.livingwiththeparanormal.weebly.com
you will find it well worth your time.as far as i know.nobody has ever
photographed a vortex,and if they have,i would like to compare their
photo against mine.ive been able to do this since november 1st 2011.
and it continues to this day. i take one each day,then i delete it,just
to make sure i can still do it.again please check out my story.
thank you. jim kellyi

Jonathan Hodges Email


Hey Guys,

I chatted with Chris while watching the webcams at South Pittsburgh Hospital this past weekend.  Just wanted to shoot you guys an email and say that I thought you all did a great job at the hospital tonight (Sunday).  It's always good to see respectable teams come in and do such a good job.  It just strengthens our paranormal community.

Take Care!


Jonathan Hodges

MadCO Paranormal


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